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What We Offer

We are the industry-led hub for Manitoba’s sustainable protein industry.

Our mission is to support the expansion of Manitoba’s protein industry, collaboratively working with all protein players in our joint pursuit of providing local sustainable protein here at home and around the world.

Working Together

We are a platform for industry to share its voice and expertise through the ProteinMB engagement model. For the betterment of the industry, we are focused on the five following principles:



Representation and Advocacy

We champion the interests of the protein industry in Manitoba. This includes representing industry concerns, needs and opportunities to government bodies, regulatory agencies, consumers, international buyers, and other stakeholders.



Networking and Collaboration

We provide a platform for industry professionals to network and collaborate; we connect the industry by collaborating with and supporting various industry associations and NGOs. This can lead to valuable partnerships, knowledge-sharing, and business opportunities.



Information and Research

We collaboratively work with Manitoba’s research institutions, both public and private, to produce advances that can benefit the industry. This research can include innovation, market trends, technological advancements, and best practices members can use to enhance their operations.



ProteinMB Hub

ProteinMB provides clarity and understanding of the protein ecosystem through gathering and analysis of market intelligence and the acquisition of benchmarking of sustainability metrics to put into a value chain stream. We address wicked problems, amplify what is happening in the sector and connect the industry to educational resources and training programs. This helps professionals stay updated on the latest developments, technologies, and compliance requirements, and market access, ultimately improving their competitiveness.



Industry Promotion and Marketing

We collectively promote the industry both locally and internationally. This brings increased visibility, market expansion, and ultimately higher demand for Manitoba’s protein products.