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Get Engaged

Stronger together

Right now, Manitoba is on the forefront of a global sustainable protein market. ProteinMB will only reach its full potential with engagement from Manitoba’s protein leaders. We are the hub and voice for the entire value chain as we move towards shared sustainability goals. By creating one strong voice we will be able to move everyone forward capitalizing on worldwide opportunities.

What does that look like? It means connection — fostering innovation and growth by bringing people together through engagement tables as well as at industry events to network, share, grow, and support one another. ProteinMB will also host a wealth of resources and news on funding opportunities and industry developments. Bring us your wicked problems, and collaboratively we will work together with our network to find solutions, ultimately improving the lives of all Manitobans.

Our Ten Strategic Areas of Sustainable Protein will form the basis for supporting a thriving protein industry — one that shines in Canada and abroad. We’re going to make sure the world knows this is the place to come for sustainable protein that nurtures and benefits all people, the local environment, and the climate..

Want to help make it happen? Join us today!