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Manitoba’s Sustainable Protein Advantage

Capitalizing on the growing global demand for protein

Initially led by the Government of Manitoba and now the responsibility of ProteinMB, Manitoba’s Sustainable Protein Advantage strategy was designed to position the province as a global leader in the production, processing, and marketing of protein.

With our eyes in the future

Here is an overview of some of its key strategic areas of focus:

Diverse Protein Sources

The strategy focuses on four types of protein: animal-based, plant-based, insect, and cellular, recognizing the importance of diversifying the sources of protein production. Interconnection and linkage between these protein types offers a closed-loop system with by-product utilization.

Infrastructure Development and Logistics

Investment in processing facilities and infrastructure is a crucial aspect. This includes the expansion of modern processing plants and business attraction for various protein sources, ensuring efficient and sustainable production methods.

Market Expansion

The strategy aims to expand the market for Manitoba-produced proteins both domestically and internationally. This involves efforts to increase export capacity, establish trade partnerships, and promote Manitoba proteins in global markets. Expansion can only take place when there is public confidence, which must be earned through transparency and responsible practices.

Promotion of Innovation and Technology Adoption

The strategy emphasizes the adoption of advanced technologies in protein production and processing. This involves promoting precision agriculture, automation, genetics,  state of the art equipment, advanced food science innovations and processing technology and other leading-edge techniques to enhance productivity and efficiency.

Regulatory Modernization

The strategy looks to streamline regulations to support the growth and competitiveness of the protein industry. It aims to create an environment conducive to business growth and investment.

Research and Development

Manitoba invests significantly in research and development to enhance protein production methods and technologies. ProteinMB acquires knowledge, such as of the opportunities by-products offer and facilitates strategic partnerships to act on opportunities. This involves collaboration between government bodies, research institutions, and industry stakeholders to foster innovation in protein production.

Support for Agribusinesses

ProteinMB will be a hub for all resources from support programs to funding grants all along the supply chain. The government provides support and incentives for agribusinesses to participate in the protein production industry. This includes financial assistance, grants, and subsidies to encourage investment and growth in the industry.

Sustainability and Environmental Stewardship

The strategy recognizes the importance and the measurement, monitoring and verification of sustainable practices throughout the protein production supply chain. Efforts are made to implement environmentally sustainable practices, reduce waste, and minimize the environmental footprint of protein production.

Workforce Development, Training and Education

The strategy aims to enhance the skills and capabilities of the workforce and create pathways to careers in agriculture and food. It acknowledges programs to train and educate farmers, producers, processors, and other stakeholders in best practices for protein production and processing. This is crucial in ensuring that Manitoba’s agri-food industry can meet demands.

The strategy is comprised of Ten Strategic Areas of Sustainable Protein. These areas were developed as the Sustainable Protein Impact Map: A Collaborative Action Framework, which provides the strategic direction in how we will meet the industry’s ultimate goal:

Manitoba proudly leads Canada and the world as an innovative model for high-value sustainable protein that nurtures and benefits all people, the local environment, and the climate.

Each strategic area provides a targeted outcome:

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Strategic Areas of Sustainable Protein


Strategic Area

Sustainable Protein: Industry (SP)

Target Outcome

Manitoba produces quality, diverse and increasingly sustainable protein.


Strategic Area

Branding, Marketing, and Communication (BM)

Target Outcome

A strong, sustainable protein brand distinguishes Manitoba products, builds trust, inspires action, and creates value.


Strategic Area

Soil, Ecosystems and Biodiversity (SE)

Target Outcome

Manitoba’s soils, ecosystems, animals, and biodiversity provide ecosystem goods and services; are healthy, resilient, and productive.


Strategic Area

Measurement, Monitoring and Verification (MMV)

Target Outcome

Manitoba and individual actors in the sustainable protein system measure, report, and value respectively their collective and individual sustainable protein activities and make adjustments accordingly.


Strategic Area

Working Together (WT)

Target Outcome

All contributors to the sustainable protein initiative work together effectively, driven by a shared purpose, and underpinned by common values and principles.


Strategic Area

Information and Knowledge (IK)

Target Outcome

Contributors to the sustainable protein initiative have appropriate access to relevant, reliable, and useable information, knowledge, and intellectual property.


Strategic Area

Enabling Policy and Infrastructure (PI)

Target Outcome

Supportive regulations, policies, infrastructure, and facilities leverage Manitoba’s assets and enable acceleration of sustainable protein innovation.


Strategic Area

Innovation (IN)

Target Outcome

Innovation delivers more impactful sustainable protein activities and grows globally competitive and innovative enterprise.


Strategic Area

Finance (FI)

Target Outcome

Collaborative sustainable protein initiatives and businesses are financed for success and growth.


Strategic Area

Workforce (WF)

Target Outcome

A sustainable workforce with the know-how works together to support and accelerate innovation across the sustainable protein sector.

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